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22 September 2013

Review | Babyliss and Remington

I have recently been using one of my old straighteners to style my hair but it just wasn't doing the best job it could've be doing. I then decided it was time to get a new one, but there were so many to offer so it was quite hard to choose.


I eventually purchased a hair dryer along with the hair straightener. They two are both from the brand Babyliss and have the same sleek, beautiful look to them. 

The second I got home I tried out the straightener hoping for good results and I wasn't left disappointed. I knew I wanted to get one with nano-ceramic plates as they give your hair a glossy, smooth finish - it did that 100%. It heated up within 30 seconds and I didn't have any problems whatsoever. Its also great to curl your hair with. If you don't know how to curl your hair with a flat iron there are many tutorials on YouTube! 

Positives: gives good results, easy to use, looks modern, reasonably priced
Negatives:  the straightener doesn't tell you what degree it is on

The hair dryer works well too. It heats up quick and has a cooling button. Fortunately it didn't leave my hair frizzy which is a massive bonus!

Positives: drys hair quick, great price, looks modern, has different heat options
Negatives: hair dryer back falls off sometimes


I was also in need of a new hair curler. I have never owned a curling wand so I didn't know what I was looking for, this lead to me doing some research..

I ended up buying the Remington Pearl Pro Curl which had a big barrel and was said to curl your hair well. When I got home to try it out it didn't really curl my hair much, the curls fell out after about 5 minutes so I came to the conclusion that I needed a smaller barrel to give me tighter curls that would last much longer.

Positives: easy to use, good price, looks modern, barrel doesn't touch surface
Negatives: doesn't curl my hair well, curls fall out quickly

I then saw this one online. Remington Pearl Curling Wand. This too was from Remington and had the same design on, I ordered it and it arrived within 24 hours. It curled my hair very well and the curls stayed put for days. It gave my hair a glossy finish and looked very natural. The shape of the barrel allows you to achieve tight, light or wavy curls.

Positives: curls hair well, easy to use, achieves many looks, great price, looks modern, barrel doesn't touch surface, tells you the degree
Negatives: beware - i burnt my face and it hurt.

UPDATE: Over a year later I am still using the Remington Pearl Curling Want daily and it hardly damages my hair and gets me many compliments. It is possibly one of my favourite hair tools.

Keep smiling :)
Love Abbey xxx

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