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25 September 2013

Visiting Scarborough

Visiting other places far from home is something I only do when I'm on holiday, instead I went to Scarborough on a day trip while the weather was good. Even though it was just a day trip I got to see so much sights, I am pretty sure this is the first of many places I will be going to call on.

Along the seafront there are so many cute little homes and hotels, The smell of salt water was in the air wherever you went and the seagulls were flying just above our heads. We went to visit an old castle on top of a cliff, a little road lead the way which we walked along till we reached the top.

We then went to look at a little model village, it looked so realistic it was unbelievable. Little houses where jotted around with small people everywhere you looked. Personally, I want one in my garden yet it would freak me out a little bit at night! 

I will definitely be exploring more towns around England, I would love to hear where you have been and maybe give me a few suggestions on where to go next in the comments below!
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