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8 October 2013

Review: Glade Candle

So recently I have been adoring Glades candles, these ones I have bought recently and have been having them lit quite a lot around the house. Since it is getting quite cold I like having scented candles out and love it as they make the room smell so pleasurable.

Left to right:
- Glade- Limited Edition First Bloom
-Glade- Limited Edition 2 in 1 Blackberry Frost
-Glade- With Love

 This is the Glade 2 in 1 Blackberry Frost candle, personally it isn't my favourite scent but it reminds me of a florist which I like. It also has a cute glass holder which has a cute shape, the wax goes white to pink which I think looks amazing also.

This one is the First Bloom which not the best but I got it because I thought it would smell different when it is lit. It smells okay but it isn't something I would have glowing for long.
Lastly, With Love. This is my ultimate favourite candle scent ever, it just reminds me of the Christmas season which I love. The glass which holds the wax is really pretty and when its melted it then forms back into its nice flat format which I find with most of the Glade candles. 

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