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20 October 2013

Hair Dilemma: Product Build Up.

Recently I have been having a bit of a hair dilemma. The issue was that my hair was greasy straight after I'd washed it. I didn't know why this was at first so I did everything possible to fix it, washing it every night, not using conditioner, changing my hair products. Nothing worked. After doing a bit of research I finally found the cause.. Product Build Up.
I went out looking for different types of shampoo and conditioners that reduce product build up and fortunately I found one, a very good one in fact. 
Pantene ProV Clarifying Shampoo & Pantene ProV Aqua Light Conditioner
I bought them from Boots for £3.99 each and I was so happy with my result. I now only have to wash my hair every couple of days and it makes me feel so much more confident about myself. I honestly feel like I have just had my hair done at a salon! I now just want to buy everything Pantene!!!

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