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22 October 2013

What's In My Make Up Bag (School Edition)

There are hundreds if not thousands of blog posts and videos on 'What's In My School Bag' or 'School Essentials' which a lot of people are interested in, including myself. So, I thought I should have a go at one but try and make it affordable and realistic for you. Personally, I wouldn't want to spend lots of money on things to put in my make up bag for school as I wouldn't really use it a lot, but either way I hope this gives you a bit of an idea on what you would need. There isn't many makeup products in this post due to the fact I personally would never have the time to apply makeup during school hours.

  • Batiste Dry Shampoo (99p from Body Care) - I hate having oily hair, even if its not visible. Dry shampoo is a savior in many peoples lives, after all, it makes your hair look 100x better. This is a small, easy product to have in your makeup bag especially after P.E when you need to reduce the oil in your hair and to also add a touch of volume.
  • Deodorant (99p from Body Care) - again this deodorant is in a small, easy bottle. You can apply it whenever it is needed, especially in the summer.
  • Impulse Body Spray - body spray is an amazing product to have in your bag as it comes in handy a lot. You want to smell nice whilst in school and spaying a fragrance can prevent you from being called 'the smelly kid'.

  • Bobby Pins (£1 for 50 at Boots) - I often use these for pulling my fringe back when doing work. Also, if you feel a headache coming along pull back your fringe, your hair swaying in front of your eyes all day may be the cause for this.
  • Hair Ties (£1.50 for 30 at Boots) - hair ties come in handy all the time. During P.E and Science practicals it is safe to pull your hair back, I always keep one on my wrist for whenever I quickly need it.
  • VO5 Hairspray (£1.50 at Superdrug) - some people may not carry hairspray around in their bag but it is sometimes useful when you're having a bad hair day and need to sort it out. Weather resistant hair spray is always a bonus!

  • Carex Refreshing Hand, Face & Body Wipes - this was an amazing purchase, it always comes in handy after and before eating lunch or even when you spill something down you (this probably happens everyday for me). They are in a pocket sized packet so are easy to carry around. I always get my friends asking to use one of these as well, definitely a must have.
  • Hand Cream - I hate it when my hands go all dry and horrible after writing for a long time. Having hand cream in my bag is a life saver to take that feeling away.

  • Face Powder - useful if you need a touch up to take the shine away from your face and to set your makeup. Essential for after P.E. A must have in every girls makeup bag.

What's in your Make Up bag for school?

I hope you found this somewhat helpful.
Have a great day,
keep smiling :)

Love Abbey xx

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