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2 November 2013

17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish in Tropical Island

Painting my nails used to be a huge task for me, when I did them they had  to look perfect or I would be getting out the nail polish remover and starting again. Recently, after having a clear out I found a LOTS of nail polishes in a box I didn't even know was there. One colour particularly stood out to me, this one..

Nail Polish: Tropical Island by 17

Unlike all of my other nail polishes this one looks more light and pretty. When I put it on I noticed it had a little shimmer in which I thought looked extra beautiful. The colour itself is a orange going into a light red and as my favourite colour is orange this is perfect for me.

When putting this on my nails it was a touch watery which meant it wouldn't look as streaky. It also had a very shiny finish without me putting any clear polish on to give that affect. I did put two coats of this colour over my nails because just one coat looked very dull and didn't really show the colour as bold as it does now. The brush that is shown in the pictures above is very flat and wide, after about one hundred times of using this nail polish I have never had a bristle fall off.

Most people would think that you would put this colour on in the summer and put a lot darker colours on in the colder months of the year. I agree but this colour is just to pretty to resist, especially when it goes with the outfit you are wearing.

To me I would wear this on a day to day basis, it's one of them colours where you would gaze down at your nails and admire how cute and gorgeous they are. 

Before I put this colour on I thought it would have been a bit darker as the bottle made it look that way, yet a light colour or a dark colour would have pleased me either way. I would most definitely recommend anyone to purchase this colour (Tropical Island by 17)
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