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30 November 2013

Winterlicious TAG!

So it's that time of year when your winter jumpers come out and you have a million layers on when you go outside. I thought another winter TAG should be in store for you all, so here it is. Hope you enjoy.. 

Favourite winter nail polish?
I do like to wear darker colors for the winter time but I am absolutely in love with the Tropical Island by 17! You can see the review I did on it here.

Favourite winter lip product?
I only ever really put Lip Balm on my lips so I would probably go for the Nivea Hydro Care Lip Balm, it moisturizes your lips like crazy so I don't ever have to worry about getting chapped lips! 

Most worn winter clothing piece? 
I absolutely adore wearing jumpers in winter, I love wearing leggings with them. It is just a simple yet stylish outfit!

Most worn winter accessory?
Most probably my scarfs, I just love chucking them on with anything. Scarfs are one of the many things that make me look forward to winter time.

Favourite winter scent/candle?
My favourite winter Candle/scent has got to be my Yankee candle which is called November Rain. I just really love it and it really does have the scent of rain! 

Favourite winter beverage?
Hot chocolate with marshmallows is my winner!

All time Christmas/holiday movie?
I have a bunch of holiday movies which I love to watch around Christmas time including Elf, Annie Claus is Coming to Town and Home Alone. But, my favourite is both the Nativity 1 & 2.

Favourite holiday/Christmas song?
Hmm.. This is a hard one, I really like all the classics. All I Want For Christmas Is You, Last Christmas and we got to have Mistletoe by JB!

Favourie holiday food/treat?
Would it sound piggy to say everything? I really enjoy Christmas dinner itself, so I would have to say Christmas dinner is my favourite food/treat.

What is your favourite Christmas decoration this year?
My favourite Christmas decorations is always the tree and lights.

What's at the top of your wish list?
This year I would really like some more Real Technique brushes, I think they are probably the best make up brushes you could get at an affordable price!

What are your plans for the holidays this year? 
This year I am going to be spending time with my family while they all have time off work!

So, I TAG everyone to do the Winterlicious TAG this year. Just answer all the questions I have answered and you are good to go. Send me links of your TAG blog post below!

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Hope you all have fun whilst doing this TAG and all have a great Christmas.

Byee x
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