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22 January 2014

Celebrity Perfumes Review

Let's face it, in our perfume stash we all have a celebrity perfume - whether it is Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga or David Beckham. Even if you don't have one I guarantee at some point you will go into a store and buy one just to see what all the hype is about.

Recently I have bought 4 new celebrity fragrances which I am very happy with. Including - Victoria Beckham, One Direction, JLS and Nicki Manaj!

Victoria Beckham, Intimately Beckham
My unhealthy obsession with the Beckham family is still active which made me purchase Victoria Beckham's, Intimately Beckham perfume. I first saw it at one of my friends house and every time I went to visit I couldn't resist spraying a touch on myself, I soon figured it was about time to purchase it which I don't regret at all! It looks very expensive and stylish and I don't have any downfalls for it at all. The scent is strong but not too strong, my Mum loves it so much I bought it for her for Christmas 2013 - top daughter! 

One Direction, Our Moment
Never in a million years would I have thought I would own a One Direction perfume, I don't really enjoy their kind of music (though I do really like their song Midnight Memories). I go to a school where everywhere you look their are girls and boys who are fangirling over One Direction, recently everyone has been going on about their debut fragrance Our Moment. A few months ago I did a post called 'A Trip Down Perfume Avenue' which you can see here, I talked about all the perfumes I had my eye on and One Direction were the 1/3 I talked about! The bottle of the perfume is cute and girly, the only think I dislike about it is that it costs a lot for what it is. Overall, I am very happy with this perfume and I use it quite a bit!

JLS, Kiss
People who know me should know I have a very very unhealthy obsession with boy band JLS, who recently split up which caused me to cry in my room for hours on end. I already owned 4x JLS Love Perfume and 1x JLS Kiss but I decided I would've liked 2 more of them as they smell so nice. This fragrance has a nice fruity scent which I think is amazing for the summer time. The packaging always catches my friends eyes, the lid is magnetic which causes people to take it on and off as it slides out of their hands and back into its original place - fascinating I know *sarcasm*  

Nicki Manaj, Pink Friday
I saved the best till last, Nicki Manaj's Pink Friday. I will start of by saying the bottle is gorgeous, I have it proudly sat on my shelf and if adds a touch of glamour to the room. Another thing is that it came with a small portable roll on bottle which I take everyday to school, I have lent it to a lot of my friends so they can have a small try and they all comment on how lovely it smells. The scent is slightly strong and fruity, its almost as if everything nice you have smelt in life has been put into a bottle!

Hope you all had a wonderful Wednesday, love Abbey x

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