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15 February 2014

Pink Lipstick Vs Red Lipstick

In my past few posts I had mentioned how I was starting to admire lipsticks and all the different colours you can purchase them in. I was searching around my room earlier today and came across a pink and red lipstick I was given for Christmas 2013! I hadn't used them before so I gave them a little try, whilst doing this I thought to myself - do I prefer red or pink lipstick? So, I thought I should do a blog post about it and figure it out that way.

This is when I wore pink lipstick, it was a vibrant pink but thankfully not too bright. When putting it on I was relived that it went well with my skin tone and looked excellent on the lips. I have wore many lipsticks before and I especially like the way they moisturize your lips and are very easy to apply. A question I get asked is if I prefer lipstick over lip gloss, in which I can't really answer as I never really wear lip gloss. The only time I have ever worn it was when I was in year 2 and I thought I was so cool to go out with wet baby pink lips in which I had put on using a Disney princess gloss, haha.

Red is the most popular colour of lipsticks, it just goes with anything you are wearing. Personally red lipstick is the colour I would wear in the winter more than the summer, only because its darker and doesn't have that summery look to it! When applying this lipstick it didn't really go with my skin tone at all, it looked funny and weird but I would still wear it only if it was a few shades lighter.

Overall, I prefer the pink lipstick. It just matches my features more than the red, I would defiantly wear the pink again.

(I only wore lipstick in these pictures, no other products)

Lots of love, Abbey x 

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