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12 February 2014

The Liebster Award

After coming back from an all fun trip to France I was notified that the wonderful Nessa from I Write About You had nominated me for the Liebster Award which I am very grateful for - hugs go to Vanessa!

The Liebster Award is a great way to support new blogs and socialize with fellow bloggers whether they write about life, beauty or even food..

link the blogger that nominated you for the award
answer the eleven questions asked
nominate eleven more bloggers for the award
create eleven questions of your own for them to answer
you must let the bloggers know they were nominated

My answers to Nessa's questions:

1. What is your favourite season? Why?
My favourite season is summer. Mostly because in summer I go out with friends to the beach and am more active, I also like ice pops!

2. If you had all the money in the world, what would you buy?
Honestly, I would buy everything. But if I had to choose one thing I would buy a nice big car for my Mum to give back for all the wonderful things she has done for me in life.

3. What is one makeup product you don't leave home without?
When leaving the house I always bring my Wake Me Up concealer by Rimmel with me, only because you never know when you will get a little break out. I would also bring lip balm on colder days!

4. If you could visit/travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I would travel to Dubai and stay in the Atlantis The Palm on Palm Island because it looks so spectacular and you can see the city in the distance. This is definitely a dream holiday destination for me!

5. Do you prefer baking or cooking? What is your favourite dish to bake/cook?
I prefer to bake as it is a lot easier. I just go simple and bake cupcakes and decorate them with buttercream frosting and maybe add a few sprinkles. Honestly, I'm not that skilled in the cooking/baking department!  

6. Best day of your life thus far?
Probably my first day of school and when my sisters were born.

7. What do you always have to have in your purse?
In my purse you will always find my phone and earphones, I just can't go anywhere without them. It's always good to block out the world for a while when listening to music with earphones in.

8. What is your favourite weekend activity?
My favourite weekend activity is just being lazy and watching Harry Potter films with a mug of hot chocolate and a dozen blankets wrapped around me. After I would have a hot bath and watch some more movies with scented candles everywhere in the room.

9. What accessory can you never leave your home without?
I always need to have something on my wrist whether it is a head band, bracelet or watch; today I am wearing all three!

10. Why did you start blogging? and for how long have you been blogging?
I have been blogging since August 2013. I mainly started my blog because I knew I wanted to have a career in the beauty world, I thought the best way to start it off was creating a little area on the internet where I would write about my favourite products. As I am still fairly young I decided to give it a go and see where it would take me!

11. What are your 3 favourite blogs?
My top 3 favourite blogs are, and


I nominate:
Jessica @ Jsscax
Michelle @ BeautyLifeMichelle
Loriana @ Its Lol!
Laura @ L is for Ladybird
Emma @ Blonde Beauty Fix
Becky @ BeckysBeautyFix
Hannah @ Away with the Fairies
Cristina @ Cristina's Beauty Box
Lydia @ Lovely.Jubbly
Liz @ Beauty Angel
Bella @ Beautyflutters

My questions to you wonderful people are:
1. How long have you had your blog?
2. What is your favourite makeup item this month?
3. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
4. Favourite season and why?
5. Leggings or jeggings?
6. What can't you leave your house without?
7. If you could be in any movie, what movie would you be in? Why?
8. What blog post are you most proud of? Why?
9. Who is your fashion icon?
10. What are your favourite 3 blogs?
11. Favourite shop?


Thanks again for nominating me Nessa x

Don't forget to link back to my blog with the answers to your questions!
I would love to read them!

Love Abbey x

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