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18 February 2014

Wine Not Sally Hansen Nail Polish

This was originally my Mums nail polish but I 'borrowed' it off her last December and so far she hasn't asked for it back so I guess its mine - thanks Mum!

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in 620 Wine Not

This has been my favourite nail colour this winter, it seems to go with everything and is so gorgeous when on the nail. I have it in the colour 620 Wine Not and purchased it from Boots for 6.99. The main thing I love about this nail polish is that is has an amazing, easy to use, well shaped brush. We have all purchased a nail polish and gone apply it only to find the bristles of the brush are sticking out in every direction known to mankind, well rely on Sally Hansen to make sure this never happens. 

The colour is a very simple yet beautiful dark red, it also has a touch of shimmer in which you can see glimmer in the light. The longest this nail polish has lasted on my nails for is around 1 week without chipping unless I am very careful and not my usual reckless and clumsy self!

After I apply this I always go over it once more just to darken the colour, I then use my Insta-Dri Top Coat by Sally Hansen. I highly recommend this product as it allows you to just peel the nail colour off once you no longer want it on, no need for nail polish remover!

I'm starting to buy more Sally Hansen nail products, what do you recommend me to purchase? Let me know below. 

Have a wonderful Tuesday, love Abbey x

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