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24 March 2014

Earth Therapeutics Soft Touch Complexion Brush

Earth Therapeutics Soft Touch Complexion Brush £4
Complexion brushes are a great invention but can be a lot of money. I was walking through TK Maxx before Christmas and saw this sat in the bath and body section, after seeing people talk about them very highly I thought why not give it a try - did I mention it was UNDER 4 pound?!

I have been using this for months now and I didn't want to write a review about it until I was 101% sure of my opinion. When I first opened the box this came in I was fairly shocked to how soft the bristles felt, surely this wasn't going to do anything good to my skin? That night I put on my regular face wash (Clean & Clear) and brushed this around my face in a circular motion like instructed, after patting my face dry I didn't really notice a difference of any sort. I carried on doing what the instructions said for around a week and that was when I finally saw a great difference. My skin felt soft and my spots and blemishes had decreased majorly.

For anyone with really bad spots, the bristles are soft enough not to make them worse but work well enough to make a difference.

Another thing I like about this complexion brush is that it comes with a lid, so whenever it is sat on your bathroom counter no dirt gets onto the bristles and it is totally safe from germs. The handle is also comfortable to hold in your hands.

Since using this I have decided I like it enough to go out and buy a slightly more expensive one that will hopefully do the job even better. But please, if you are going out to buy a complexion brush don't buy a really expensive one (I think there is one for over £200) until you are completely sure you want one, I have friends who threw theirs out because they thought it was a waste of time.

I really like this company and would definitely buy from them again, they sell a lot of other great things at very low prices. I recommend you to try this product out.

You can buy it here.

What is your opinion on complexion brushes? Are they worth it?
Thank you for reading, 
love Abbey xx

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