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9 March 2014

Gabriella Wilde

Gabriella Wilde. An actress every girl wants to be, shes flawless, beautiful and talented with perfect blonde hair that never seems to look dull.

After watching Endless Love (Gabriella's latest movie) I was obsessed. I've recreated her makeup looks, stole her style and even started styling my hair like hers. Something I really love about her is that she has an amazing fashion sense, she has attended London Fashion Week and every time she looks gorgeous. She seems to rock the red lip look which not many people can achieve, she has the perfect skin tone which goes extremely well with the shade of red.

The pictures above are Gabriella at London Fashion Week and her movie premier, I picked these three looks because I think they are the best I have seen. She wears such casual clothes but seems to make them look fancy.

If you haven't seen Endless Love go and watch it, it is a brilliant love story about a girl who needs to open up out of her shell and basically fight for the love of her life who her Dad assumes is a criminal (that's all I'm saying)..

I hope you like these style posts!
Have a great week.

Abbey xx

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