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19 March 2014

Real Techniques Travel Essentials Kit Review

Real Techniques Travel Essential Kit £20
I have heard a lot of great things about the Real Techniques brushes so it was hard for me not to give them a try. I gratefully received them for Christmas and have been using them everyday ever since, they are just perfect.

Although the brushes are created to apply certain products I prefer to use them for the things I feel works best. In this case I use the 'domed shadow brush' (purple) for applying concealer, the 'multi task brush' (pink) for applying powder and use the 'foundation brush' (gold) for foundation. I find this useful because it saves you going out and buying a concealer brush designed to apply concealer when you can use something out of a set which does approximately the same job.

The quality of these brushes are exceptional. Although I haven't had many brushes in the past it is safe to say the bristles are so soft. I remember when I opened the box and actually gasped when I felt how soft they were on my skin, I have also noticed NO bristles at all have fallen out - not one.

I have washed these around 4 times since December and they dry out well, they do not go horrid like some brushes I have use in the past. I was wary when I first put the brushes under water because I thought they would loose their softness but fortunately this didn't happen.

Overall, I love this brush kit and I will be buying the Core Collection very soon, I also like the way the handles are all different colours so it makes it easier to find them! I recommend you to get this kit because it will probably be the best makeup brushes you will ever get (slight over exaggeration☺). The travel case is handy as well.

I hope you liked this review.
Thank you for reading,
love Abbey xxx
Bristles made out of Taklon 
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