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11 April 2014

Colourful Beauty

Creativity is something everyone has whether you like it or not, you can express it in many ways and one of the ways I find more fascinating is creativity in beauty.

Whilst searching the internet looking at different makeup looks I came across a lot of colourful, weird and different designs. This brought me along to typing in - 'Colourful Makeup' and thousands of pictures came up.

The pictures above were the main ones that stood out to me, they are very pretty yet very unusual. The lips in the top left hand corner have such a glossy shine to them and the accuracy of stripes look really professional, the colours do not blend in with one another which gives it a very clean look. The top right picture has mainly put focus on the models eyes and hair. The makeup artist created the look so the model has dark, mysterious eyes matched with very pale skin, along with the accessories on her head made up of very light colours. 

The bottom left is all about the eyes yet again. This picture came with some information about how to look was made - four pairs of lashes stacked together to create a unique shape. The artist also added different colours of eye shadow around the forehead and cheek bones. The picture in the right hand corner is definitely one of my favourites, the way the model has a simple, pale face and then you have the bright orange hair with other colours dotted around. Extraordinary. 

I would love to know if any of you have created a look like this?
Thank you for reading,
Love Abbey xx

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