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12 June 2014

Bomb Cosmetics | a shop review

As my regular readers may already know, I loveee Lush products. Recently my Mum and Dad came home from a small shopping trip telling me whilst they were in Pennells Garden Center they saw beautiful bath bombs, which were cheep and so much like Lush.

My Dad took me down on Sunday to go and have a look at them and I kid you not, they looked and smelled amazing!
me being a photographer in the shop!
Their website is here:
I can't compare these products to Lush as I have never actually tried them, but I should be going back down in the next week or so to buy a few and review them for you.
The look of these bath bombs look extraordinary, my Mum mentioned that my little sister picked them up and thought they were cakes and tried to bite into it - oh dear! Some which look like cakes come in a cake holder which is so so cute, I just love these products!

As for the small little things you see in the pictures above, they are called 'Little Hotties'. There were loads of different fragrances to choose from and all you have to do was get a small, reasonable sized box which is provided and try and fit as many as you can in there, all for £6.99. But you do have to buy the oil burner (£8.99) to melt them to add a beautiful scent to your house, or you could find your own oil burner.

There were also many different designs of soaps, even one shaped as a cake. They all smelt and looked super fancy and expensive so I wouldn't want to use them because there shape and look will disappear - be honest, we were all thinking it!

So overall, this brand is amazing and I suggest you go and find a close shop/counter so you can share the excitement and love with me!

If you have already purchased something from Bomb Cosmetics please share what you bought and recommend any products you liked!

Thank you for reading!

Have a fabulous day,
love Abbey xx

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