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28 June 2014

My Guide for Selecting Lip Colour | AdviceTime

Colour is a very personal thing, you need to choose what works for you and assure you feel comfortable wearing it. That is why shopping for a new lip colour product is very hard for many people. If you get it wrong 99.9% of all people end up looking like a clown. 

I have put together a simple, easy lipstick guide to help you pick the best colour for your skin tone. If you don't find an exact match for the natural lip colour go between the two closets shades. 

Beautiful neutral shades that are close to the natural lip colour - 
pinky brown
beige pink
rosy brown

If you feel as if you need a darker or even brighter colour go a few shades up or down rather than staying with the neutrals. You know you have found the right shade when it enhances your skin tone, makes your eyes look brighter and more alive, and gives the face a healthy lift. 

I hope I helped your life get a little easier for when choosing a new lip colour. This has definitely helped me in the past, I hope passing my knowledge along to my wonderful readers has helped and somehow educated you too.

Keep smiling:)
I love you all,
Abbey xxx

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