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17 June 2014

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Natural Review

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Natural - £4.75
I like to keep my nails as healthy and as long as I can, which means when I get a chip or my nail starts to break I pull the 'oh so girly move' and get sulky about it. To prevent this from happening I was recommended a nail strengthener varnish. As always I wanted to buy this from a reasonable brand who is trustworthy and considerably cheap. Searching the shelves of Boots I came across the Sally Hansen section and I found this.

Many may know that Sally Hansen is one of my favoruite nail brands and I have quite a collection of their products. So getting this wasn't really a hard decision to make.

When I was first in the shop you get two choices of strengthener to choose from, one is this pink colour (natural) and one is a clear white (clear). Reading the back of both bottles they made out to do the same thing and give out the same result - making your nails stronger. 

As for the application of this nail polish, I only use it one every two days or once a day if I have time. Searching the internet, I noticed you don't have a limit for when applying a nail strengthener so it seems like you can apply it whenever your nails are at a weak point and need a little help/boost. You apply 2-3 coats on a bare nail, so before you add on your nail polish.

Sally Hansen provides a great application brush, they are very smooth and shiny. You never get a random piece of bristle sticking out that ruins your whole nail work - does anyone else get this?

I have used this product for around 2-3 weeks and already I am seeing a change for my nails. I have been receiving quite a few compliments about my nails, most of them saying how long and shiny looking they are. Besides some friends that I accidentally scratch and say I should cut them..  oops.

Overall, this product is very good. It does what it says on the bottle and my nails are very healthy and much, much longer. Thank you Sally Hansen. 

I recommend this to anyone who is suffering from chipped nails/nail breakage, it will truly save you from your misery. 

Whats your favourite nail care product? 

I must have wrote 'nail' about 20 times in this post.. haha
Keep smiling:)
Love Abbey xx

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