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16 June 2014

Summer Fashion Wishlist

So far this month the weather has been surprisingly warm, considering I live in England and it is June. This has made me realize that I am in need of a serious wardrobe update so I am ready for the summer heat. I have seen a lot of different trends recently and I am absolutely loving them! 

Here are a few items of clothing I have my eye on and am adoring at the moment...

Ju Ju Babe Jelly Shoes - these shoes go way back to when my Mum was a teenager, I used to constantly wear them as a child. I haven't seen them around in a long time until I saw someone wearing them on Saturday. I absolutely love them and I am a bit torn on whether to get a black or white pair, suggestions?

Floral Kimono - I saw two of my friends wearing these whilst we were all out this weekend and they both looked wonderful, I love the silky, expensive look they give off. They are also easy to wear over a top when it is too hot for a jacket but you still want to wear something.

Cat Eye Sunglasses - many people wear this style of sunglasses and recently they have became fairly popular and I personally love them. Where can I get a pair from?

Lace Shorts - these shorts are so beautiful. I adore lace clothing and these shorts are amazing. I haven't seen many great ones in the shops lately, so I guess online shopping is the way to go.

Bleach Shorts - the colour of these shorts is what attracts me to them, they go with anything. Personally I would pair them with a white top, I could even pair it with the Kimono (outfit planned).

High Waisted Bikini - I would love to wear a bikini but I hate showing off a lot of skin and am a little insecure, so last year all I wore was shorts and a top - silly, I know. I often see Taylor Swift rock the high waisted bikini and it looks great. They are slowly making a comeback from the 1950's and now I see why, they are beautiful and I love the different styles you can get them in.

I found it so hard not to go and order these clothes whilst writing this blog post!

I love writing wishlists, its like my own personal shopping list I get to share with all of my readers.
I hope you had a wonderful Monday - well as wonderful as a monday can get.
Keep smiling :)
Love Abbey xx

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