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31 July 2014

Summer '14 Trends

Recently I've been stocking up for the summer weather and the upcoming holidays I will be going on this season and during that process I was getting a lot of inspiration from a lot of people. I get ideas for outfits from a wide range of people, whether it is people I see in the streets or celebrities on television - each give me different ideas of what I could wear.

There are many different trends going around at the minute. I'm really liking the festival look, kimonos, bold colours, floral print - I love it.

Kimonos are everywhere at the moment, everyone is wearing one. They're so helpful to have in your wardrobe if you want to head out and throw something light over your top. Most are made out of a silk material and can be dressed up or down. Usually they're less than £30. I like to buy mine from New Look.

Jelly Shoes 
I absolutely adore these shoes. There are many mixed opinions on them, some say the look amazing and some say they look like the shoes they wore as children. That is one reason why I love them so much, they are basically the same shoes you wore as a child in the summer with socks! I purchased my pair from, I ordered my first pair which were too small and basically suffocated my feet even though they were my size (size 4) so I sent them back and ordered a size 5 which fit perfectly. My advise is to be on the safe side and go and try them on in a shop beforehand if you are planning to buy them online.

I've been seeing a lot of people with these in their hair recently and I think they are just a very cute and pretty way to spice up a hairstyle and it a perfect accessory for the summer time. I guess these little things we used to wear as kids appear to be cool now? haha

Round/Cat Eye Sunglasses
People have been saying goodbye to their Ray Bands and hello to these round sunglasses. I've been on the hunt for these sunglasses for a while now, I prefer the ones with the cat eye effect rather than the fully round, circular ones.  They come in many different colours and I especially like the ones with the little quotes on (right hand corner), you can get that pair from


After writing this post I noticed that the trends this summer have been bought back from past years. For example, the Jelly Shoes have come back from the 1980's and the scrunchies have made a comeback to our hairstyles from our childhood years. 

What's your favourite trend this summer?
I hope your having a wonderful day,
Keep smiling:)

Love Abbey xx

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