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24 July 2014

Thursday Lovin' | Drugstore Lip Products Top 5

As some of you probably already know by reading my latest blog posts, I am slowly creating a collection of lip products. Rewinding back to April last year I would've never thought of myself wearing any products on my lips because I thought it would make me look like a clown. But when I'm going out into town and into the local drugstores I always get excited seeing all the beautiful colours you could wear and I just couldn't resist buying some to try out. I've decided to show you my top 5 most worn and give a small review about them one by one.

On the left you can see the Maybeline Baby Lips, you know, them products everyone had and were the hype a few months back? I must admit, I abandoned the products after about 2 months and I only recently started using the Cherry Me recently. This lip product is amazing if you just want something that you can throw in your back and get out to apply again and again, it isn't very pigmented yet it is very moisturising and of course smells wonderful. The smell actually reminds me of the Barbie/Disney lipsticks you used to get when we were younger. #memories haha.

Next is the Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Truffle which I got for my birthday this year, it is a daily lip product for me and is probably my favourite out of the lot. It is a lipstick and is a dark cherry colour that isn't too bold and in-your-face. It gives a gorgeous tint of colour to your lips and is perfect for any occasion. I reviewed this product in my last post where you can read all about how much I love it, you can even see an embarrassing picture of me doing the classic pout *hides face* - read it here.

Beside that is my most recent beauty purchase from MUA, and is by far the most cheapest there (£3). This product is a very cute, pretty pink and is again, perfect for an everyday look. It doesn't stay on for a long time but I do get compliments before it wears off. The product looks very matte on the lip and doesn't have a big shine too it. It is a lip crayon which I absolutely love and for £3, where can you go wrong?

After that is my dearly loved Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain in 001 Honey Douce which was my first ever lip crayon I purchased. It was this product that got me slightly addicted to them and to the Revlon brand itself. The colour is the most natural looking of the range and is probably my favourite out of the two Revlon Crayons shown. It is an easy colour to wear and is long lasting and easy to apply. It has no shimmer in and smells of peppermint which is lovely. I did a review on it a few months back, check it out. I highly recommend you to go and look at the Revlon Colourburst Lip Crayons, there are over 20 colours altogether and they all look beautiful.

Lastly is another product from the Revlon Colourbust range. This Lacquer Balm is in the shade 105 Demure and is a light, low pigmented colour. It has a slight shimmer in which shows up on your lips, I don't really like this but you have to look closely to see it. This is a beautiful summer time colour and is easy to put in your bag and reapply throughout the day. Again, this product has a nice peppermint scent that I loovee.

I hope you enjoyed this post,
keep smiling:)

Love Abbey xxx

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