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10 August 2014

Eye Brushes | AdviceTime

For people who are just starting out with make up, going out and choosing which make up brushes to get can be quite overwhelming. You have many brushes sat staring at you and for half of them you don't even know what the use of them is! Having the right brushes can make a great different to the final result of your make up. 

I have prepared a little, easy guide to what eye brushes are best to add to your collection. These brushes are my personal favourite to have handy on my make up table.

Eye Brushes

The eye shader brush is probably the most popular brush in this collection. You can use it for layering eyeshadow on the lid or for smudging colour along the lash line. It is the perfect brush for creating a bold, defined line in the crease of the eye. I highly recommend the eye shader brush for people on a budget as it can achieve many looks. I also know of people who use the eye shader brush for concealer around their nose too!

The small angled brush is used for sharp, neat lines when applying gel eyeliner. I prefer using the bent liner brush for creating a cat eye look as the shape of this brush prevents the flick to be more curved and effortless looking. It is perfect to use if you just want to define your lash line with the gel liner.

The pencil brush is mostly used to shade eyeshadow on the lid, crease of the eye or along the lash line. It is also used for darkening the outer-v when creating a dramatic look. You can also use it for smudging gel liner on the lash line. I mainly use this brush for darkening the outer-v when I'm going for the smokey eye look as I find the brush is quite hard for applying eyeshadow due to the amount of bristles compact in the small space.

The bent liner brush is designed for applying gel eyeliner. The brush has a bent head which lays on the lashes and is able to glide with ease, without creating a scruffy, uneven line - hopefully. This helps even the worst at creating the gorgeous cat eye! 

The spoolie eyebrow brush allows you to brush through your eyebrows. Using it after filling in your eyebrows can soften any harsh markings and even out the colour, making the finished look seem very natural and almost as if you haven't applied any make up whatsoever! Assure that you are brushing your brows in the same direction, a tip I've been told is to brush 'up and away from the nose'.


Well, looks like this post is finished folks! I recommend these brushed to anyone looking to improve their collection if you haven't already got them. They are handy to have and usually aren't very expensive.

When this is posted I will be on holiday so I hope all is okay back home <3
Have a wonderful week!

Keep smiling:)
Love Abbey xxx

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