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22 August 2014

My Favourite Summer Shoe // JuJu Babe

These shoes are all I have been wearing for the past three weeks. I absolutely love them. I don't know whether it is the heal or the fact that they are the same type of shoes I wore when I was younger - either way, they are perfect. 

As some of you may know, last week I went on holiday. Which included many walks in castles, on beaches and through various towns. I purchased these shoes mainly for the week away but was a bit wary as I didn't know if I would struggle walking in them or they would be uncomfortable. Fortunately, they were perfect and I didn't have any problems what so ever.  I walked miles in them and didn't get any blisters let alone them feeling harsh against my skin.

I am a size 4 when buying shoes, I ordered my pair on and they were too small, I then ordered a size 5 and they fit well.. however they had a hole in like someone had stabbed the rubber with a pencil. So yet again I ordered a new pair and 3rd time lucky - they were great. I have read that a few people had the same problem and had to buy the next size up so maybe go into a shop to try them on beforehand if you are planning to buy online.

These shoes look great with frilly socks or without. I prefer them without. What ever happened to the 'no socks with sandals' rule? haha.

What has been your staple clothing item this summer?

Keep smiling :)
Love Abbey xx

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