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23 September 2014

D R E A M S | absie beauty

As a child I was always asked 'what's your dream' and still to this day I'm not 100% sure on what I want to aspire when I'm older. It may change through the years, I may want to become a doctor; an actress or a teacher. By now you're all probably wondering what my dream actually is and how I plan to bring it to life...

How cliché, right? A beauty blogger wanting her own beauty brand - typical. But that's not the case this time around. For years now I have wanted to be a makeup artist and to be honest I couldn't imagine myself being something any different. When I put my makeup on in the morning or am looking around the shops I always think of amazing products that aren't on the shelves yet and different colours of lipstick or eyeshadow and how it would be amazing if I could create my idea and bring it to life for others to buy and use.

I'm inspired by makeup artists like Bobbi Brown who have studied make up and made it big in the industry and have gone so far into actually creating their own beauty line. 

I cannot wait until I'm older and can go to college and university to study the things I love doing and try the hardest I can to be successful at it. 

What is your dream? I would love to know!

Keep smiling :)
Love Abbey xx

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