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21 October 2014

High Neck & Daisy Chains | OOTN

Soon I will be attending my friends birthday meal and me, being the organised freak I am, went out and got together an outfit 10 days before! Every time I go out for a meal with my friends I find it so hard to decided what to wear, after all I don't want to be too dressed up. Usually when we go out a few of us are either wearing dresses or a nice shirt - and as I don't wear dresses, pretty shirt shopping it was!

I did my shopping online mainly focusing on the shop New Look as we have one locally and its easy for me to go in and have a look at the 'real thing' if I see something I like online. I was searching through the many pages of tops on the website and came across this one. A really cute lace, high neck, black top. I know for a fact a lot of people dislike high neck tops/ dresses but for this occasion I thought it was perfect.

I purchased it online after realizing it was no where in the shop and it was delivered within a few days.

I paired it with one of my favourite daisy chain necklaces, again from New Look and a pair of wedge trainers from Primark. As for my trousers I just had a simple pair of South high waisted leggings on as the shirt really didn't go well with my jeans. I also quickly put my hair up in a messy milkmaid braid!

Overall I really like this outfit and I will definitely be wearing it a lot more!

I hope you're all having a wonderful week, the wind in England recently has been quite scary!

Keep smiling :)
Love Abbey xx

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