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25 October 2014

Weekend Wishlist #6

I haven't done a weekend wishlist in soo long, the last one was in March! I decided it was about time to write up a new one for you all as they are probably one of my favourite posts to write. 
  • Fairy Lights - recently I have been in a very, very Christmasy mood. Maybe its the cold weather or the dark evenings, whatever it is has made me want some fairy lights in my room. Lets be honest, fairy lights around the house are one of the best things about Christmas - for me anyway!
  • Cozy Socks - I really like wearing warm, fluffy socks. I get really cold feet so in the autumn/ winter time I always wear big socks to keep myself warm. I really like the Primark winter socks but last time I went in there they didn't have them out yet *sigh*.
  • Malm Desk - I have come to the conclusion that my dressing table is too small. With all my hair sprays, makeup, brushes, nail polishes and other bits and bobs I have just ran out of room and things are getting messy and unorganized. I saw this Malm desk in Ikea which I am hoping to save up and purchase!
  • Zoella Candle - I went in Superdrug to smell this the other day and it has such a beautiful scent, it is very sweet but not too overpowering! I also love the packaging - how cute!
  • Phone Case - so if you have been following me for a while you would know I am developing quite a big obsession over 5 Seconds of Summer (my friends reading this right now will be rolling their eyes tired of me talking about them but who caresss). Anyway, I saw this phone case on Etsy and I love it. It is definitely on my Christmas list! I have also added this silicone phone case which I saw on Amazon with Mini Mouse ears on. Hopefully the silicone will reduce the damage to my phone when I drop it...
  • Scrunchie - I believe this item has been in recent wishlists, truth is I just haven't gotten around to buying one yet. Does anyone know where I can get a red tartan one from?
  • Revlon Cherry Lipstick - recently I have been loving dark lip colours. This cherry red from Revlon is beautiful. I will definitely be going into town to see if it is available!
Whats your weekly wish?

Keep smiling :)
Love Abbey xo

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