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18 October 2014

Why I Wear Makeup TAG

I saw someone do this Tag a few months ago and I kept it in my favourites debating whether or not to do it myself. To me this Tag seems very personal, something everyone would give a different answer too. People wear makeup for various reasons; reduce being self conscious, to hide imperfections or because they generally love it and its their passion.

I started wearing makeup mainly due to the tutorials on YouTube. I saw these girls applying eyeshadow like it was an art, mixing different shades together creating something extraordinary. I really wanted to try it out - maybe it was because I would feel older and more mature or just because it seemed like fun. I can't remember. 

When did you begin loving makeup?

I must have been around 10 when I really started getting into makeup. I had this big Bratz set filled with lip glosses, eyeshadows, nail varnishes, and all sorts of different things. I got it from my Nanny and it was my prized possession, I kept it tucked away from everything and only got it out on special occasions.. That was until my little sister, who was 3 at the time, got into it and completely ruined it by digging her fingernails into the eye shadows and smearing lip gloss all over her face. At the time it was the worst thing to have ever happened but looking back it was quite funny. I guess its because of her that I started to buy real makeup. My Mum had never really been into makeup so she only knew the basics of foundation and mascara, so it was back to YouTube to figure out how to apply it! 

I was in year 7, just starting secondary school, when I really started to wear makeup and create a passion for it. Me and my friends always went out into town to look around the shops and it was constantly me standing in Boots or Superdrug looking at the different types of makeup wishing I had enough money to buy it. 

How do you feel without makeup?

Honestly, without makeup I feel fine. Despite them days where my skin is bad and I have major spots which I want to cover up, makeup is something I enjoy putting on and creating new looks with. I could go out without makeup on but just like many other girls its a confidence boost. Especially in secondary school where you are surrounded by girls who you feel judge you constantly and who you envy because their parents spoil them or they have better hair than you. Its silly times like that where I feel makeup helps me most because then I can walk around with my head held high feeling more confident in my skin and not caring if they are talking behind my back. After all, makeup was created to enhance your features - not to hide them.

What do you like about makeup?

As I said above, I like the way it can make people feel much more confident about themselves. A little makeup can go along way. I also love the way it lets peoples creativity show. Creating different looks with eyeshadow, learning different techniques and buying every lipstick shade under the sun - I love it!

Three holy grail items?

  1. Bronzer - this can completely define your face. I chose this item because its something I can't leave the house without having on. I use it to define my jawline, hair line, at the sides of my nose, to define my cupids bow and in the hollows of my cheek.
  2. Powder - having an oily, shiny face is not attractive. I hate it. I love having a powder handy in my bag whilst I'm on the go so I can quickly touch up my makeup so it will last longer throughout the day - and to also battle the shine!
  3. Mascara - I love love love this mascara from No7, it makes my lashes super long and looks so natural. Mascara is great to give your eye a more 'awake' look and to define them. Again, this is something I can't leave the house without applying!
And that is it. I really hope you enjoyed this Tag and learnt more about me and why I wear makeup and what I enjoy about it. I'm glad I finally got around to writing this post as it was so fun to do and really made me realize what the concept of makeup is and why we started wearing it in the first place! I would love it if you had a go at this Tag, so I Tag all of you to do it! Send me your links :) 

I hope you all had a wonderful day!

Keep smiling :)
Love Abbey xx

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