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21 November 2014

Cold Weather Skin Care Tips

We're getting to that time of year where the air is getting colder which doesn't do that much good to your skin. I like to use the right products to ensure my skin stays hydrated and healthy! Here is how I do it..

Especially in the colder seasons moisturizer is essential. Fun fact - when it is cold, there is less moisture in the environment due to the wind which blows the moisture from the skin away! The only real solution to this is to keep your face really moisturized, unless you stay indoors all day then that's up to you... I would recommend investing in a good product like these two from Simple, which I am currently using:

Protect Your Lips
We all know how horrible chapped lips can be, so carrying around a lip balm will be a lifesaver. You can get lip balms anywhere, whether it is from a drugstore, supermarket or online - they all work fine. The ones I like to use and find best are from The Body Shop, Nivea and Maybelline Baby Lips (hydrate). All these brands are inexpensive and are easy to get a hold of so I would definitely recommend you getting one.

Plain, fresh water is probably the oldest trick in the book for keeping your skin hydrated and healthy looking. Keeping a bottle of water in your bag and drinking a lot throughout the day will really help you see a difference in the way your skin looks. Water is also great for fighting away all those nasty, unwanted spots and blemishes from your face. Good ole water!

Exfoliating Face Wash + Body Scrub
Exfoliating your face and skin should be a regular thing. It helps get rid of the dead, unwanted skin and lets the new layer of skin underneath breath. You don't want to do this too much so once a week should be fine! There is a wide range collection of exfoliating products so you will never fail to find one that suits your skin type. The daily scrub I like to use on my face is by Clean & Clear, it is called 'Blackhead Clearing Scrub' which has little exfoliating beads in which helps clear out your skin by exfoliating and getting rid of those nasty blackheads at the same time. I also hear great reviews on the Clean & Clear 'Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub' which you should use about once a week and also the 'daily exfoliating scrub' once again by C&C.

Hand Cream
Hands can often become dry and horrid. Using a hand cream daily now will prevent this from happening and will keep your hands soft and healthy looking all winter long.

Moisturize Your Body
I know a lot of people get quite lazy and forget to do this after hopping out of the bath or shower but it really should be a necessity during the colder seasons. Cream moisturizers always work better during this season due to there thick formula whereas lotions have a lower viscosity meaning they are much thinner. I suggest moisturizing your body straight after you finish showering because it locks in the moisture from the shower and makes your skin more soft and healthy. Also, remember to moisturize your elbows and feet - I have always been told to do this! Nothing can beat The Body Shop body butters. They are my favourite moisturizers to use all year round, plus they smell amazing!


I can't even get myself to count how many times I said moisturize in this post!


I hope you found this somewhat useful, these are just little tips and tricks I have learn over the years from family members, friends and the internet which I wanted to share with you!

Keep smiling :)
Love Abbey xx

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