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1 November 2014

Trick or Treat? | Halloween 2014

Happy Halloween!!

Halloween was last night and of course I got my friends over to get ready with me so we could all set of trick or treating together to get lots of sweets! This year was very eventful. I didn't have an outfit planned and was rushing around the house trying to put together a last minute costume which included me scavenging through my little sisters dress up box! 

This year I went as Minnie Mouse which was fun and I felt like I could walk into Disney Land any moment and look the part. As I was rummaging through the dress up box I found this cowboy scarf thing which I thought looked really cute. So I then became; Minnie Mouse the Cowgirl.

Scary masks and my Harry Potter lookalike pumpkin!
I did my makeup quite subtle and cute. I put eyeliner on my top and bottom waterline and did a little cat flick. Also with eyeliner I added a small nose in the shape on a love heart along with 3 freckles on both of my cheeks. With my Sleek blush I gave myself very rosy cheeks and a bright red lipstick that went very well with scarf and stayed on throughout the whole night. I must say, the eyeliner was a pain to wash off. I ended up looking like some punk rock star.

I invited my friends Marcia and Kate round to my house to get ready and it was a fun night. Marcia went as a Dorothy/doll person (I'm probably wrong) and Kate went as a dead school girl in an aged 6-7 school pinafore which weirdly fit her. We also put bloody hand prints on her costume with fake blood of course.

What did you dress up as for Halloween?

Keep smiling :)
Love Abbey xxx

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