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14 December 2014

10 Thing I Love About Christmas | BLOGMAS


I recently saw Hannah do this post and really enjoyed reading it so I thought I might give it a go! I hope you enjoy x

1) The Atmosphere.

At Christmas time everyone has a sudden mood change. Everyone is smiling and having fun with their family and friends and it makes me really happy and jolly (see what I did there).  'TIS THE SEASON TO BE JOLLY FA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA :)

2) The Food

I. Love. Food. Especially at this time of year. On Christmas day I wake up and eat a really big breakfast (mostly chocolate) and then we have lunch which includes lots and lots of cheeselets and more chocolate. We then have a huge Christmas dinner. Whats not to love?!

3) Christmas Music

I can't get enough of Christmas music. I mentioned this in my Christmas tag post, haha ;)

4) Christmas Films

You will always catch me watching Christmas films throughout December - even after Christmas. The Santa Claus, Jingle All The Way, Home Alone and The Polar Express are my favourites!

5) The Decorations

I love it when we're in the car at night and drive past all the houses with Christmas lights up! Also, decorating my room and the rest of the house is something I always look forward too.

6) Family Time

Christmas day is my favourite. You have the whole family round and nobody is thinking about work or school and we are all just having a great time! You don't really get that any other time of the year. I really love Christmas because of this.

7) Hot Chocolate

Although I have hot chocolate all year round I feel like I can have 10x more this time of year. Plus it really warms me up from this freezing cold British weather! Hot chocolate always tastes better at Christmas!

8) Christmas Clothing

Jumpers, Socks, Cardigans, Pajamas... I have it all. I love the Christmas patterns on clothing. The only bad thing about this is that you have to wait a whole year to get them out again :(

9) Advent Calenders

I love advent calenders. A chocolate a day? Thank youu!

10) Christmas Shopping

I have a love hate relationship with Christmas shopping. Today I went out with Kate shopping for presents and I kept complaining about how much I hate shopping at Christmas but other times I'm running around smiling saying how much I love it... I think its the pressure of finding a present they will like!

What's your favourite thing about Christmas? 

Keep smiling :)
Love Abbey xx

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