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9 December 2014

Seals of Donna Nook 2014 | BLOGMAS


Around this time every year me and my family go down to Donna Nook to take a look at the seals and their newly born pups. I hadn't been for years so it was nice to go back there and relive some old memories.

On Monday 1st December the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust counted 1,541 pups, 1,272 cows and 501 bulls. The total pup count for the entire season is 1,705 which a lot of baby seals!

How cute!
#seallife. they seem so carefree and relaxed!
These seals are super cute! Baby seals are the cutest ;)
Stages of a photo bomb...

Let me know if you've ever traveled down to Donna Nook to see the seals! I highly recommend it if not!

Keep smiling :)
Love Abbey xx

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