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27 December 2014

Sleek Blush By 3 in Pumkin | Review

I hope you all had a great Christmas and got everything you wanted, spent time with your family and ate lots of food - I know I did. Its now the 27th and I have been itching to write up a new blog post for you all so here it is, a sleek review (get it? sleek... im funny).

Sleek Blush By 3 in Pumpkin - £9.99
I had been eyeing this palette for months and when I finally got it I was more than happy. I wanted it in pumpkin which is filled with 3 gorgeous orange toned blushes which are all very pigmented - something Sleek are known for. When I first swatched the palette I was a bit wary about how pigmented they are but when I eventually tried them out on my skin I had no problem at all, you just have to be cautious of how much product you put on your brush.

It has one matte shade (p pie), one simmery shade (lantern) and one satin shade (squash).

This palette can be used through all seasons due to the range of shades varying from a pink to a dark orange (great description there, abbey *claps*). I am looking forward to using this product in autumn as it reminds me of the autumn leaves!

The price I paid was £9.99 which is a good price for what it gives. I can tell this palette will last me a long time so I know I will get my moneys worth out of it! Once again, the packaging is very compact and looks very fancy. It reminds me of Nars :)

Overall I am very pleased with this product and would definitely buy again!

Did you have a good Christmas? 

Keep smiling :)
Love Abbey xx

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