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24 January 2015

Beauty Things I Suck At

- Liquid Eyeliner
I am a b s o l u t e l y terrible at liquid liner. I went through a stage where I was pro at it and it looked great every time but now it looks like I let a child draw all over my eyelid - it's not a pretty sight.

-Painting My Nails
I think most girls have this problem; if you're right handed, like myself, you can paint your left hand perfectly but when you get onto your right hand the nail polish goes everywhere. Literally. Usually when I want to paint my nails I just get my dad to do them because he is actually very good *laughs quietly*

- Foundation
I wouldn't really say I 'suck' at applying foundation but when I do apply it it I have to take it off straight away. I hate the feel of the stuff!

- Doing My Hair
The only thing I'm good at when doing my hair is straightening and curling it, anything else either doesn't suit me or just looks horrible.

- Keeping My Dressing Table Tidy
Looking over at it now makes me laugh, I have lipsticks lying everywhere, a concealer with it's lid half on (oh dear) and makeup brushes scattered all over the place. I really need to tidy up after myself... #sorrynotsorry

- Fishtail Braids & French Braids
I can do these on other people easily but when I try doing them on myself it is a nightmare. The fact I can never see what I'm doing at the back of my head makes it even worst!

So these are a few beauty things I am terrible at!
Let me know if you relate to any of these things too so I don't feel alone, haha!

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