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14 February 2015

WHOA, MY HAIR IS SHORTER?! | hair update

what am i doing?!
There's a part of me that loves doing my hair, I like making it look neat and styling it to the best of my ability. But then there's another part that hates it. I don't like getting up in the morning knowing how much time will be wasted making it look presentable. So after months and months of deciding, I finally cut my hair.. #shockhorror

I decided to get it cut to my collarbone due to my recent obsession with Lily Collins and her hair (here) *insert heart eye emoji*. I love having it curled as it rests just above my shoulders but it never seems to hold. Ever. If anyone has any suggestions on how to make the curls to stay put please let me know! Haha.

Have you had a hair change recently?

Keep smiling :)
Love, Abbey xx

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