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25 May 2015

Current Obsession | Smock Dresses

ASOS Smock Dresses

Asos have recently become one of my favourite shopping destinations, it is such a quick and simple way to look for new fashion items or to browse the new upcoming trends. This summer I have decided to take the plunge and look for dresses to wear, oh and let me point out I haven't worn a dress since my infant school uniform 8 years ago. I didn't want something overly girly, too dressy nor too tight, just a casual day to day dress which I could wear to Tesco or when walking my non existent dog.

I went through numerous pages of different style dresses before realizing there was a refine section, I then found the Smock section. Not having a clue what 'smock' meant (hey I'm a beauty junkie not a fashion expert!) I took to google and found out..

A dress or top for a woman or girl, gathered at the chest and having a loosely fitting lower part.

This sounded about right so I spent quite a while putting a couple into my basket, almost crying when one didn't have my size and cringing at some of the designs.

I really like this style of dress, they're so cute and seem so easy to style. Unlike some other styles, I could definitely see myself wearing a smock dress! Now if you excuse me, I'm going to order some more. Toodles ;)

Keep smiling :)
Love Abbey xx

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