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4 May 2015

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette | review + swatches Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette | review + swatches

For my birthday a couple of my friends all chipped in to buy and surprise me with the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette which I can't thank them for enough. As you may know from wishlists or my twitter page, I've wanted this palette for ages so when I got it I was over the moon and it is now my go-to makeup item. It retails at the price of £38 which, to me, is pretty expensive and is why I never went out to purchase it for myself.. I prefer the reasonable drugstore prices! Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette | review + swatches Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette | review + swatches

Urban Decay have created 12 new and exclusive eyeshadows especially for this palette. There is a range differing from mattes, shimmers and metallics all of which I love and can be used for a simple daytime look or a bold nighttime look. The eyeshadows are great quality too, they are insanely pigmented and super smooth which make them glide onto the lid perfectly. In my experience each shade lasts on the eyelids for about 8-9 hours, for my eyeshadow primer I always use the NYX hd eyeshadow base!

Packaging wise Urban Decay have done well. It looks quite similar to Naked 2 and has a full length mirror on the inside lid and snaps shut, it is also very sturdy which means it won't break easily if you're like me and drop almost everything! Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette | review + swatches

Along with the palette you get a gorgeous Naked 3 double ended brush which is super soft and great quality but very difficult to store so I sadly have to keep it hidden away in the palette. On one side of the brush you have a simple eyeshadow base brush and then you have a blending brush. I do use this brush quite a bit, it's super handy to have and is a great addition to the product. Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette | review + swatches Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette | review + swatches

I decided to swatch each shade for you so you get a general idea of the colours and their pigmentation. Here are my (terrible) descriptions of each shade..
  • strange - I did swatch this but it was so faint and the shadow covered it up. The shade is a simple beige colour and is perfect to be used as a highlighter to define the browbone.
  • dust - dust is one of the palest shades in the palette, it is a shimmery pink which looks flattering on the lid. Again, you can't really see it in the picture but trust me it is beautiful.
  • burnout - this is a similar shade to dust but instead of being pink it has a slightly orange undertone and has more of a satin look. It is slightly more pigmented but is less shimmery.
  • limit - this is probably my most worn shade in the palette so far, it's a pale matte with a hint of pink. I wear this for school and although it is noticeable it looks very natural and pretty.
  • buzz - buzz is, again, a pink shade. It does contain a small amount of shimmer and has great pigmentation. The colour goes perfectly well with limit and I often wear the two together.
  • trick - this is a perfect rose gold/copper shade and a little bit darker than the previous.
  • nooner - this is the second matte in the palette and has more of a purple undertone. I also like to wear this to school, bearing in mind my school has a strict 'no makeup' rule #yolo.
  • liar - liar is a satin shade with golden look plus a hint of brown. It has a pop of shimmer in but is probably the least shimmery out of the lot, excluding the mattes of course!
  • factory - this is a very deep, shimmery brown shade. It doesn't look too dramatic and would be perfect for the crease.
  • mugshot - to me this shade is very similar to factory. It's a silver/greyish colour which I've worn a couple of times and loved!
  • darkside - this is a perfect shade for a smokey eye look. It is a very deep purple/brown with a hint of shimmer.
  • Blackheart - this is, obviously, the darkest shade in the palette. It is a beautiful black with hints of purple shimmer in. I highly doubt I'll be wearing this very much as I prefer light pinks but hey, it might come in useful one day!
Overall I'm really pleased with this palette, I love the variety of colours Urban Decay have given you. I am now itching to try out the other Naked palettes!

What's your favourite shade in this palette?

Keep smiling :)
Abbey xx

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