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10 August 2015

Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Palette | Review + Swatches

Slowly but surely my school is becoming stricter and stricter about about makeup, you're not allowed to wear it but as you probably guessed most students do and try to get away with it. Eye shadow is one of my favourite makeup products and I love wearing it, bearing the school rules in mind I went out with a budget of no more than £10 to find a natural eye shadow palette which I would be able to wear and not get caught out by my teachers.

After searching on the internet the night before I came across the Eyes Uncovered Palette range by Collection, having only ever used their eyeliners and concealer I wasn't that familiar with the standards of their other products but after looking at some reviews which were mixed with positive and negative feedback I decided to go for it and make the purchase the next day.

My first impressions of this product were a bit disappointing, it comes in cardboard packaging which isn't that durable and I suspect won't be ideal for traveling but for the price of £3.99 I can't complain. As you open the palette you see 6 different shades, all of which contain specks of shimmer. Now as you can probably tell this isn't great as I wanted to create an eye look as nude as possible to achieve that 'no makeup look' so my preference would have been to have at least one matte colour in there.

After experimenting with this palette and creating different looks I noticed that the shades lacked in pigmentation which could have been intended so you can achieve a nude look but I find the lighter shades are hardly visible on the lid. However having said this the shades are very easy to blend together if you want to create a smoky eye look especially with the shade Espresso in the crease.

In conclusion I will not be reaching for this palette on school mornings as I feel like it will not be suitable due to the shimmer so I am yet to find the perfect palette to achieve the look I want. Nonetheless I will be reaching for this palette for non school use as it creates a lovely subtle smoky eye look.

You can buy it here.

Keep smiling :)
Love Abbey xx

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