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30 August 2015

The DO's and DON'Ts of Secondary School Makeup | The DO's and DON'Ts of Secondary School Makeup

So as we all know from the countless amount of 'back to school' videos/blog posts roaming around the web that a new school year is about to start and all the students, including myself, will soon be back sat inside a classroom learning about things and trying our hardest not to doze off. Today I'm going to add to that list of 'back to school' posts and share with you some makeup tips I have learnt so far throughout my secondary school life!

  • DO plan ahead - it's a handy tip to check your local weather the night before school, this way you know the humidity, pollen count and degree before applying your makeup the next morning. I do this so I can alter my makeup routine depending on the type of weather. E.g. if you have hay fever and the pollen count is high I would opt for a waterproof/transparent mascara so if your eyes itch you won't smudge your eye makeup turning yourself into a panda voluntarily!
  • DO NOT wear foundation - instead of applying a heavy duty foundation wear concealer instead. This way you give the majority of your pores a chance to breath and you only cover up the imperfections you desire. It also means you don't have to worry about your foundation making your face look oily and and keeping track of applying powder every so often. If you want something with a higher coverage go for a BB cream as they are a lot more light weight than what your foundation will be. They are also a life saver if you're hiding the fact you're wearing makeup from your teachers but still want the coverage it offers!
  • DO keep it subtle - remember you are only at school so you don't want to be heading to the toilets to touch up your makeup nor do you want it running down your face on a hot day. I would stay clear of liquid eyeliner and eyeshadow paint as it does not stay put for a long period of time nor does it go well with humidity.
  • DO NOT apply coloured mascara to your bottom lashes - I learnt this the hard way *hides face with embarrassment*. Replace the mascara you apply onto your bottom lashes with a transparent one, this way if it does run down your face you will not see it - this is also a tip if you are not allowed makeup at your school but want longer and more defined lashes.
  • DO own a spoolie - to me, the spoolie is the best invention ever. I own a lot of amazing mascaras but one flaw with them is they make my lashes look very clumpy and because my school banned the students from wearing makeup I cannot wear it to school, but who am I to follow those rules? After applying the clumpy mascara I run a spoolie through my lashes, not only does this vanish the clumps, it also curls your lashes and gives them a more natural look! I LOVE IT!!
  • DO carry around blotting sheets - at school blotting sheets are my best friend, just one sheet and in less than a minute I have no oils on my face at all. If you do opt to wear foundation and you have oily skin or have just finished your P.E lesson dab the blotting sheet all around your face, mainly focusing on the T-zone. The best thing is they don't remove any makeup and are super cheap and easy to buy.

These are some small tips and tricks I have learnt throughout secondary school regarding makeup and will hopefully help you out also, if you have any please leave them in the comments below and they will hopefully help me and others out during the new school year.

Keep smiling :)
Love Abbey xx

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