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21 September 2015

Back on the Blogging Scene // a fresh start

As you can probably tell if you scroll down to look at my blogging archive my posting schedule has been all over the place, sometimes with me posting once a month and then disappearing for the next. Usually this would be a great time to make up an excuse and move on but I honestly have no excuse for my absence, unless you count me procrastinating and using the same line of 'I'll do it later' each time I sit down in front of my computer ready to write a post for you all.

I'm always walking around and thinking of new things I could write about but recently I haven't had the motivation to bring those ideas to life. I took all of this into consideration and went out to buy myself a few things to help me write more as it truly is something I enjoy doing. Lets just say I took my hobby to the next level and went out to purchase some new blogging equipment! *happy teenage squeal*

This has definitely motivated me and I've already got so many drafts ready to be published.

I hope you enjoy this 'fresh start' as much as I do!

Abbey xx

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