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22 January 2016

Slendertoxtea 14 Day Teatox Review (Day & Night) // AD

Slendertoxtea Sleeptox and Daytox*
I love tea so when I got the opportunity to try out a 14 day pack of Slendertoxtea I jumped at the chance and accepted the offer.  For those who don't know, Slendertoxtea is a detox tea made from natural herbs and plants which help cleanse your colon, become less bloated and loose weight with the help of exercise.  This tea also helps improve your metabolism and your health - seems pretty cool, right?

The 14 Daytox tea contains ingredients of; green tea (leaf), mate (leaf), hawthorn (berry), tea (flower), fennel (seed), dandelion (leaf) and stinging nettle (leaf).  When I first read the last ingredient, stinging nettle, I was slightly weary about drinking it but after some research I found out that it has many benefits including being high in antioxidants, iron, vitamin C and more.

As for the 7 day SleepTox, it contains; valerian (root), senna (leaf), sacred lotus (leaf), hawthorn (berry), tea (flower), orange (fruit) and chinese rhubarb (root).  Slendertoxtea have added a larger amount of Hawthorn in the Sleeptox tea compared to the Daytox because it helps lower your blood pressure making it easier to sleep.  Valerian root also helps relax your muscles for sleep too!

Slenderteatox have been pretty smart with both ingredients lists so hats off to them!

I drink tea a lot and go through tea bag after tea bag so adding this into my routine wasn't going to be a huge problem.  My fitness routine mainly consists of running which I try and do every week day after school (when it's not -1 degrees that it), so this should help the teatox perform at its best leaving me impressed with the results. Fingers crossed!
When I tried the tea for the first time it didn't have a sickly taste making me feel ill like I had expected beforehand, in fact, I felt perfectly normal and refreshed.  I brewed the tea bag for about 2 minutes as I didn't want the flavor to be too strong.  I noticed the teatox was working when I had to take quick trips to the loo (tmi?) and also when I had subtle cramps the next morning, Slendertoxtea reassured me that this was normal and all part of the process for most people and was a thing called the laxative effect.  Other than that small issue, I love the tea and definitely recommend it to anyone looking into trying a detox tea!

This brand also provides a diet plan for the detox process and informs you on all the foods that will help give the detox a boost and get your moneys worth!  You can view it here; Slendertoxtea Eating Plan.

You can purchase these two products together here for £19.99 which roughly works out as 70p per teabag.

Do let me know if you've tried a detox tea, how did you get on?

Keep smiling:)
Love Abbey xx

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