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21 March 2016

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm Review

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm Review

In the UK I have never come across a NYX cosmetics stand thus I have never really had to opportunity to try out many of their products. However, I recently found out that have been stocking the brand and I couldn't help but place an order on a few things that caught my eye. After hearing many people speak positively about the NYX matte lip creams I quickly put a shade into my basket and it arrived within a couple of days. I have now had this product for around 3 months and have worn the lip cream numerous times so I have pretty strong opinion and thoughts on it.

I ordered the NYX soft matte lip cream in the colour Stockholm, a beautiful nude shade with a peach undertone. The shade itself is very wearable and a perfect neutral everyday lip colour. The product excels in great pigmentation but is also buildable to give you the opportunity to achieve a bolder look to suit your needs whether it be a day in the office or a night out with your friends. The only issue I have ever come across when building up the colour with this lip cream is that it begins to look very thick after 3 or more coats, I believe that this is mostly due to the matte finish but it still doesn't take away the smooth, luxurious look it provides.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm Review

The formula is surprisingly moisturizing despite the fact it is a matte lip cream which in the past has had a reputation for drying out your lips. The staying power is good, it fades evenly and lasts roughly up to 4 hours to which you then have to reapply. Along with this, the colour doesn't transfer onto cups and mugs which is also positive!

Packaging wise, the NYX soft matte lip cream comes in a relatively small 9cm tube, mimicking a general lip gloss bottle, with 8mL contents. The product applies with a doe foot applicator which is wonderfully made and enable the product to glide onto your lips perfectly. The lid of the tube is matte, indicating the mattifying factor of the product whereas the bottle itself has a gloss effect gaining attention and looking extremely cute in your makeup stash.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm Review

Something I also want to add into this review is the scent, oh my goodness is it heavenly! It smells just like marzipan which some people may hate, and others may like. For me? I just love it!

Overall, I am really happy with this product. It has everything I want in a matte lip cream and for £5.50 ($7.96 in America), what's not to like? I really recommend trying this product, there is a huge colour selection to choose from thus you are most definitely going to find a shade to suit your preference and skin tone. I am 100% going to be purchasing more shades from this range, especially Athens, London and Prague which are all gorgeous.

What is your favourite NYX cosmetics product?

Keep smiling,
Love Abbey xx

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